Why this program?


This course will cover the principles of wind energy and wind power, as well as the design and operation of different types of wind energy converters. It will include the applications of water pumping, remote area power supply and grid electricity generation. It will cover in detail issues of site selection, monitoring and analyzing wind data, estimating output from wind generators, integrating wind generators into hybrid power systems or the grid, economics, standards and environmental impacts.

For whom?

Industrial decision makers, investors, technical experts from industrial companies, specialised planners and business owners, ...


Detailed program

  • Introduction, status, technology, market, wind climate, turbulence.

  • Momentum theory, power coefficient, power curve,

  • Annual yield, farm efficiency, capacity factor, dynamics, principles of modeling.

  • Rotor Design

  • Control strategies, safety, pitch/stall. Drive train, generator characteristics, fixed versus variable rpm, direct drive.

  • Wind farm: off shore and onshore

  • Overview of wind energy development : Scale of modern wind turbines

  • Offshore wind technology: support structures, maintenance and installation techniques, social and environmental aspects: noise, visual, bird impact.

  • Case studies

  • Environmental impacts , costs and benefits of wind energy

  • Economical aspects : Cost breakdown of turbine, -park, calculation of kWh


Practical info

3 days
Coming soon