"The course is a good mix of theoretical and practical knowledge and the site visits really helped. It is very easy to relate the learning from the classroom when it is complemented by seeing things in practice and this is what helped me personally. Being mindful of the mix of class – with international students from developing countries like China, India, Fiji and Africa, it is important that these students learn about the emerging technologies in energy and use the knowledge about solar energy and technology in building design, use of hot water supply etc. in their home countries."

Ben Singh


"Eric was not just a lecturer who had theoretical knowledge but a man of industry and real life experience.....this made his class interesting as he would quote and show us real life and project examples rather than rattle something off a book. His humorous character would never let us fall asleep in the 3 hour long lecture. Moreover he was open to discussions....and listened to our opinions."



"The level of information was good to get an overall view of solar applications. The presentation was good with many examples and you tried to explain everything descriptive. You as a person are more friendly than reserved. I like this kind of lecturer. I think the quantity of practical information were more than the theoretical ones. My expectations were that I will get more theoretical information than practical ones. This was the case in my other paper (system modelling). But summarized I think that I learned much more in your lecture cause of these many practical examples and study trips. Greets from Berlin!"

Matthias Blotz


"The level of information I personally acquired from your class played a major role in getting my new job. I can't believe it that I now work in Solar Energy industry! Your structured power point presentations, practical classes and computer simulation were exceptional."

Emmanuel Obi


"The solar class was really good and I learned a lot. The theoretical knowledge was really helpful and you explained it very nicely. You were very helpful not in only in the class, but even after the class for the appointments. According to me this paper should remain in the list of our master course as it widen our scope and enchances our environmental knowledge."

Rishabh Rastogi


"I’m really happy with the solar class, it was very informative and I hope your slides will be very useful to me in near future. I learned practically a lot during the site visit."



"Personally I found the course quite useful, especially in the light of the fact that I was interested in starting a solar power business in India. The level of information was very good and despite not being a technically qualified person, I could understand it well. The course was well presented and you made all the effort to keep the class engaged. Your style of presentation was very good and your practical experience in the field really helped.

One year ago, I have decided to start this research because I was really inspired by Eric’s lecture. His presentation and power point were sophisticated and comical, I learned so many things and I really enjoyed it. I know that many students noticed that he really cared about students. Sincerely,”

Joji Oshikiri


"Level of information: Very informative....I think solar technology is still in its birth and so a lot of us are not aware of so much of its potential as well the use. Just because we do'nt use it much here, we assume nobody else does...but it was eye opening to see the projects undertaken worldwide and the massive scale that this technology was deployed in.

Presentation and powerpoints: These informations were provided to the students in very student friendly presentations without the use of difficult terms which made it easy for us to grasp the concepts...even for students like me who was never introduced to solar technology before.

Level of information

I felt that the Level of information was amazing, I have learned lots of stuff about the use of Solar Power, like solar hot water, solar hot air, solar PV etc.

Presentations and power-points were unique, as they were informative, easy to understand and fun at the same time which made learning easy. Practical and scientifical balance of the information. Practical and Theory classes were balanced well, with the simulation tools we used to design solar PV in labs and the tours we had were very informative."

Farhaj Ahsan


"The lecturer fully presented the master degree level in the class all the time.Furthermore,His prepartion of the PPT and other materials used in the class attracted students a lot.Those things are not the only way to guide student`s studies.But simulations in lab and site visits makes theoretical stuffs to be real. That is what students are expecting. Personally,I thought eric is a lecturer in the class,but like a friend to students actually.Beside the informative lecture he brought to us,his humor is saying he is a outgoing man,so we always get funs when we are studying.He even would like to spend own time to answer questions from student and welcome any free talk about "solar",studies or careers.As a master degree student,I think eric is a good lecturer,a good person to be in solar class.And I enjoy the time spend together in the class."

Quinnton Wong

"The Solar classes for me were up to standard and I can confidently say that I have benefited from the course. The powerpoints were very informative as they opened up my mind to a lot of new ideas. You as a person are an Inspiration Eric because I see you as a True Lecturer and Entrepreneur who is championing Solar within New Zealand. Unlike some other lecturers Eric, I found you quite jovial in a way that gave meaning to the subject through some jokes now and again. I am happy to say that the course is practical and it was through your kindness that I managed to do that very practical and challenging assignment which involved many Lab Experiments too. Kind Regards” Mahomed Seckam

Most of us are successful only because of Eric’s teachings and workshops. It’s very good to sit and learn from a lecturer who interacts with students rather than one who isolates himself/herself from students. If you want my feedback, Eric’s class was wholesome, fun at learning, and real industrial exposure (not just theory)"

Pranayy Kar