Why this program?


  • Know how solar energy works & what it can do

  • Learn how different renewable energies can be combined

  • Be able to install solar heating and solar cooling systems; solar heating for pools; solar ventilation systems; photovoltaic panels; …

  • Assess different systems, different types of panels

  • Get hands-on experience installing different solar systems

  • Learn to maintain different solar systems

  • Analyze real building plans for solar installations

  • Learn to budget solar energy projects

  • Ask the expert all your questions, during class sessions, field trips, installation workshops & your personal tuition

For whom?

  • Handymen looking into a new green career

  • Plumbers, electricians, ... eager to explore the booming solar market

  • ...

Detailed program

  • Class sessions

  • Possibilities of solar energy

  • Basic technical system

  • Two types of solar panels

  • Combination of solar with gas etc.

  • Market analysis, criteria to buy: price, life span, maintainance

  • Influence of design & placing

  • Healthy living & the importance of insolation

  • Hands-on workshops

    • instal a photovoltaic panel


  • Individual tuition

    • 1 hour one-on-one with your main trainer

  • Ongong support after the program

Practical info

Kaiwaka, New Zealand

Dates & pricing: coming soon