Why this program?


  • Know how solar energy works & what it can do

  • Learn how different renewable energies can be combined

  • Assess opportunities solar technology offsrs for industry

  • Learn from case studies, presenting state-of-the-art realisation

  • Analyze the opportunities & challenges for your business

  • Ask the expert all your questions, during class sessions, field trips, installation workshops & your personal tuition

For whom?

Industrial decision makers, investors, technical experts from industrial companies, specialised planners and business owners, ...


Detailed program

  • Module 1: Solar Hot water (SHW) fundamentals

The most frequently applied technology of solar energy is the production of hot water.

In this module we explain how solar irradiation can produce the maximum amount of hot water. Different types of SHW will be referred to with some of their advantages and disadvantages. A technical overview will show different system configurations, auxiliary components and back-up possibilities.

Design, sizing and installation requirements will be covered to obtain the most cost-effective SHW and achieve the maximum thermal performance.

Economic and energetic evaluations will be compared.


  • Module 2: Solar Electricity (SE) or Photovoltaic fundamentals

The production of electricity from the sun is increasing rapidly around the world.

This part of the Solar Industry is a booming business worldwide although this technology is not cheap and performances are generally low compared to other Solar Energy Applications.

Different materials are used in manufacturing and the performance depends on the chosen concept and design.

A lot of auxiliary equipment is involved and the design of the whole system will be considered for off-grid and grid-connected applications.

Topics on economic and energetic evaluations will be discussed.


  • Module 3: Industrial applications of Solar Energy

Solar energy is not only useful on a small scale in domestic building projects but can save a lot of energy in commercial and industrial applications.

Case studies on large scale SHW will demonstrate the state-of-the-art technology worldwide. Different applications for hot water production and industrial heating will be explained.

Solar power plants to generate electricity exist in many forms and will be covered in this module. Finally Solar Cooling is a growing and innovative technology that will be explored briefly.


  • Module 4: Industrial Case-studies

This module will provide insights on how to develop, design, size and evaluate conceptual designs of the variety of solar thermal and electric systems for C&I facilities. As part of this seminar solar systems are developed for specific sites, sized, designed and evaluated to determine the cost effectiveness of applications. Case studies of successful projects are reviewed to illustrate the design decisions necessary to implement successful projects that demonstrate state of the art technology. Large scale systems will be designed, sized and evaluated on their economic feasibility.


Practical info

  • 3 days

  • Coming soon