Why this program?


Using Passive solar design


Every building or house can be designed to maximise the passive solar energy that is freely radiated by the sun. Before installing or designing ACTIVE solar energy, a lot of previous measures need to be taken in order to cover partly the heating needs by using passive solar energy. In this workshop we will discuss all the important rules of thumb for collecting solar energy, storing heat, avoiding overheat as well as the use of correct building materials. Direct and indirect gain of solar energy in combination with thermal mass will be considered. Many Passive Solar Energy design features have been built successfully and important energy savings can be demonstrated.


Solar Space Heating


Solar Energy can also be partly used for space heating. In combination with a Solar Hot Water system, a lot of energy can be saved for space heating applications without loosing comfort. Different concepts of passive/active solar heating in combination with auxiliary heating will be explained. Solar Heat storage and control systems are very important aspects to maximise the benefits of Solar Space heating. Evaluation on performance and energy savings will be discussed.

For whom?

Building managers, architects, engineers, council, ...


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